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Celebrate Water Festival 2020 with Khmer eCard's new mobule, Oum Touk by Smart (Boat Racing by Smart).


Features you love

Any Faces

Khmer ECard can use any faces to attach to the head of teh characters.


Retouchig your facial skin, addd particle effect, add additional text the way you want.


All the Animated ECard are rendered as MP4 Video and store in your phone storage. It's yours.

Discover our App

The App is avaliable on Android and iOS, you can download it from store. It's Ads Free and No In-App Purchase.

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Do more with our app


eCard that express your emotion

There are different Animated eCards to choose.

Unlike other eCard Applications, we offer a different kind of eCard, by carefully create and animate the chracters and put it as a realtime animated. Neither a GIF nor a Video clip, but It's a real-time animated eCard App that deliver high quality result of the content.

This initial launch, we have 4 special eCards that sponsored by pepsi Cambodia to celebrate Khmer New Year. There are Trot Dance, Chayam Dance, Pailin Peacock Dance, and Riding Bicycle to Pagoda.

Tap to Swap the Face

The cool part of the Appliction is Expressing Yourself.

Take a selfie or pick a great shot one, then crop your face to put in any characters you love and see yourself in the Animated eCard.

Wanna do trot Dance, no problem. you can with Khmer eCard. Just Tap the Face to Swap the Face.


Make it even more interesting

let's add more magic to your scene.

Did you know you can change tone color of your face. Thee are pre-made title text that you can choose from, to make the scene even more interesting.

the other thing youc an do is to personalize it with your own words. Yes, you can add custom text and do basic editing.

Time to impress them

Now your eCard is ready, time to show the world.

Once your get everything setup, it's time to export the Animation as teh Video clip on your device. We use lower-level encoding technique to encode your Animated eCard, that's why Khmer eCard can archive high quality eCard video clip export.

We don't store your generated eCard. You store it in your device storage. and you are free to share it with anyone via any applications or platforms.

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Multi-Language Support

The Application offers 2 language option: Khmer and English.

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    Swap Face

    Change your face by just pressing on character's face, and select your picture or capture a new one.

  • 2

    Then you can add decoration to animated scene with Title text, and personalize with your own words.

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    Save and Share

    Finally Export that eCard as the high quality video clip and save to your device storage. Share it with friend via Facebook post or messenger, Telegram, Line, Bluetooth, Airdrop or NFC.


Download Anywhere

Available for all major Application Stores. Khmer eCard is IAP Free.

Group 2, Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia